Math Graph Sonification

Undergoing Master's thesis research exploring how to make math graphs more accessible to people with visual impairments via sonification, the use of sound to convey information. Through interview, prototyping, and user testing, I will present the design and implementation of sonification on website to convey mathematical with a focus on the mathematical concept of three discontinuities in calculus 1: removable, jump, and infinite discontinuity. See my ongoing prototype of sonification (opens in a new tab).

Redesigning Khan Academy

Designing online education more accessible for people who use screen readers. It is an individual project in User Experience Design class taught by Regine Gilbert at NYU. For more information, see Redesigning Khan Academy.

Sensory Resources Guide for Museums

Designing museum experience more accessible for visitors sensitive to sensory overstimulation in collaboration with museums, historic sites, and disability advocates. It is a group project in Museum Accessibility class taught by Amy Hurst and Anita Perr at NYU. For more information, visit Sensory Resources Guide for Museums website (opens in a new tab).

User Experience

Designing Onboarding Tutorial of Visual Studio Code

Designing onboarding tutorial to introduce Visual Studio Code for beginners in collaboration with MicroSoft Corporation. It is a group project in User Experience Design class taught by Regine Gilbert at NYU. For more information, see Designing Onboarding Tutorial of Visual Studio Code.

Physical Computing

Bass Hug

A cushion device that vibrates to the bass sound of the music you are listening to and allows you to feel the music by holding it. It is an individual project in Living with Robots class taught by Kathleen McDermott at NYU.
[Details will be uploaded soon]

256 Pixes Mirror

A panel that reflects the shape of person captured by a camera using the rotation of 256 servo motors.
[Details will be uploaded soon]

Knock Knock

A wooden box with a stick that mimics rhythm when knocked.
[Details will be uploaded soon]

iOS App Development

Kumano Daigaku

A walking tour iOS app for visiting famous places in the novels of Kenji Nakagami in collaboration with SCIVONE, LLC and Makoto Ichikawa at Waseda University.

BotsNew Player

A 360-degree video player iOS app in collaboration with Kadinche Corporation and MegaHouse Corporation. For more information, visit BotsNew product page (opens in a new tab, Japanese only).

Speed Pitch

An audio player iOS app with the feature to change playback speed and pitch. It has achieved over 100,000 downloads. For more information, visit Speed Pitch on the App Store (opens in a new tab).

Motion Video

A video player iOS app which has speed change and frame skip features. For more information, visit Motion Video on the App Store (opens in a new tab).

Art, Music, Fun, etc.

U.S. House Election Results 2018?

The U.S. map showing the result of 2018 United States House of Representatives elections with red and blue is lightned by LPS lamp. The LPS lamp turns the red and blue into a monochromatic yellow color, so you cannot really tell the result on the map.
[Details will be uploaded soon]

Water Drops

Listen to the sound of water drops falling to a metal bowl from the ceiling. Metal was cut, grained, welded, and painted all by hand.
[Details will be uploaded soon]

Cigarette Butt

A line drawing and an installation of cigarette butts. I walked 2.649km and picked up 618 littered cigarette butts in Tokyo. On average, there was one cigarette butt for every 2.07 square meters. The line drawn with charcoal is a trace of my walking route.
[Details will be uploaded soon]

Tria Dynamika Kora

A demo album by Tria Dynamika Kora, a hardcore metal band in Tokyo, Japan around 2009. So I occasionally play the drums for fun. For more information, visit Tria Dynamika Kora on the Sound Cloud.

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