Accessibility / Education

Math Graph Sonification

For my master's thesis research at NYU in 2021, I explored how to make math graphs more accessible to people who are blind and have low vision via sonification (use of sound to convey information). Through interview, prototyping, and user testing, I presented the design and implementation of sonification on website using p5.js to convey the mathematical concept of discontinuity in calculus 1. For more information, visit the Math Graph Sonification prototype website or research paper (opens in a new tab).

Sensory Resources Guide for Museums

It was a group project in Museum Accessibility class taught by Amy Hurst and Anita Perr at NYU in 2021. Our group worked to design museum experience more accessible for visitors sensitive to sensory overstimulation in collaboration with museums, historic sites, and disability advocates. For more information, visit Sensory Resources Guide for Museums website (opens in a new tab).

Redesigning Khan Academy

This project is to redesign a website of Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization offering a variety of free online courses, to make it more accessible to people who are blind and use screen readers. It is an individual project in User Experience Design class taught by Regine Gilbert at NYU in 2020 Fall semester. For more information, see Redesigning Khan Academy.

Designing Onboarding Tutorial of Visual Studio Code

This project is to design an onboarding tutorial of Visual Studio Code (VSC), an integrated development environment (IDE) by MicroSoft, to help people who are new to VSC and coding itself feel comfortable start using VSC. It is an group project in User Experience Design class taught by Regine Gilbert at NYU in 2020 in collaboration with a staff from MicroSoft. For more information, see Designing Onboarding Tutorial of Visual Studio Code.

Physical Computing

Bass Hug

Bass Hug is a cushion device that vibrates to the bass sound of the music you are listening to and allows you to feel the music by holding it. I wanted to create a device that would enhance the experience of listening to music at home. This device was inspired in a situation where I was unable to go to a live concert due to the impact of the COVID-19. In my experience, it works particularly well as a use for meditation and mindfullness by focusing on the music and vibration. The device uses Raspberry Pi with Python programming to analyze the frequency of the music and control the vibration of eight vibrating motors in response to the bass. For more information, see the Bass Hug project website.

iOS app development

BotsNew Player

A 360-degree video player iOS app in collaboration with Kadinche Corporation and MegaHouse Corporation. For more information, visit BotsNew product page.